Ceramic Pro Hamptons is your one stop shop for your auto detailing needs. This centrally located Ceramic Pro authorized detailer has the paint protection services your car needs to stay protected from the environment of Long Island.

Ceramic Pro is not a sealant or a wax. Rather, it’s a nano-ceramic hydrophobic coating that protects your vehicles paint surface from road salt, tree sap, bird droppings, wind damage and several other environmental hazards. This protection finishes with a high gloss and possesses and innovative formula that transforms your paint surface to a permanent hydrophobic rigid shield.

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XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS raises the bar once again with an unparalleled high gloss finish and improved impact protection for enhanced durability, making it the most advanced paint protection film on the market.

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As the PRIME window film series continues to gain traction in the window film market, XPEL has entered the architectural and safety film market. With extensive research on components and film structures, we have compiled a product line of a full offering of architectural window film solutions. XPEL is now your source for all solutions in the matter of privacy, energy efficiency, protection from fading furniture, as well as security solutions against shattered glass fragments. Help keep your home, office, business and much more protected for years to come.


Automotive window tint isn't just about keeping a low profile anymore. XPEL PRIME not only looks cool, it feels cool. It outperforms other types of films to keep you comfortable and protected all backed by the industries only lifetime transferable warranty.


10 Seconds... that’s the average time it takes for a burglar to break into a building through glass. 

An increasing number of built spaces are moving towards minimalistic design and construction without metal grills. While such designs could be visually appealing and aesthetically peaceful, a thin sheet of glass cannot protect you or the precious belongings from the outside world. 

SafeGuard is a revolutionary shatterproof film designed and engineered for your safety and security by preventing glass from shattering when hit with hard objects. The film significantly reduces the risk of intrusion by bonding strongly with glass.